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Diamond Cay National Park 

British Virgin Islands


The tiny island of Diamond Cay is tucked between Little Jost Van Dyke and Jost Van Dyke on the southern shore. Bare rocky cliffs on the windward side are a contrast to the sandy beaches on the leeward side of the cay.

An extensive reef system surrounds the cay, bridging the channels of Jost Van Dyke, Green Cay and Sandy Spit. Diving and snorkeling are popular activities within the proposed protected area of the northern cays, including Diamond Cay, Green Cay, Sandy Spit and Sandy Cay. Sandy Spit is the only limestone island amongst this group of volcanic cays.

A haven for sailors in search of paradise, this quartet of cays are graced with white sand beaches and undeveloped shores. Hiking trails circle the islands, with views of the rocky cliffs and nesting seabirds, including terns (Sterna sp.), brown boobies (Sula leucogaster) and brown pelicans (Pelecanus occidentalis). Green Cay is a critical location in the Caribbean for roseate terns (Sterna dougalli), as they alternate their nesting site each year and only return to undisturbed sites. Diamond Cay is an important bird sanctuary within the system of protected areas. 

Park Information

Established: 1991

Area: 1.25 acres


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