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Presentation to the Virgin Islands Government Climate Change Committee

NPTVI Deputy Director Nancy Pascoe made a presentation on the progress of the DPLUS 180 climate change modelling project on 26th September 2023 to the Virgin Islands Government Climate Change Committee, of which NPTVI is a member.

There are 14 Government agencies represented on the Climate Change Committee, which is chaired by the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change. NPascoe gave a brief presentation demonstrating the types of impacts that climate change is already having on the BVI.

All 14 agencies were represented at the meeting and showed great interest in the process that is being followed to utilise BVI specific data for biodiversity, habitats, topography, marine bathymetry, soils and weather in order to build a model that is BVI specific.

NPTVI's project partner, UK based Environment Systems Ltd is utilising a unique modelling tool that they created to collate all of this geographic data to produce maps that will assist NPTVI and the VI Government to make informed decisions for the BVI through the lens of climate change.

A web-based dashboard of climate change data will be created and shared on the VI Government's existing mapping portal, so that the entire community can become more aware of the predicted impacts and learn more about what they can do to minimise these.



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