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  • 53 page atlas.
  • 28 sections that explore the VI’s biodiversity and habitats on topics such as plants, birds, amphibians, sea turtles, salt ponds, mangroves, seagrass beds and coral reefs.
  • There are topical issues such as climate change, energy and waste management, natural disasters and sargassum.
  • The atlas explores the ways in which we use the environment for tourism in order to benefit our local economy and how we must sustainably manage our fisheries to ensure long term food security needs.
  • The sections are written in such a way that readers learn about each individual topic but understand the issues unique to small island systems and the connectivity between species, habitats and human impact.

Virgin Islands Environmental Atlas

  • Shipping costs will be calculated once the destination country has been identified. Eg. $7 parcel rate to USA using the BVI Post Office

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