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J.R. O'Neal Botanic Gardens

Tortola, British Virgin Islands


 At the site of the century old Agricultural Experiment Station, the Botanic Gardens are a beautiful oasis in the center of Road Town. They are named after the National Parks Trust’s first Chairman, Joseph Reynold O’Neal who was a leading figure in the formation of the National Parks Trust and the establishment of the BVI’s first national park, Sage Mountain National Park.

The avenue of royal palms which leads to the fountain makes a captivating entrance for visitors, whilst paths disappear into corners of the gardens lined with colourful blossoms draped over shady pergolas.

The botanic collections represent the different habitats of the BVI such as the rainforest, coastal environments, dry forests, in addition to displays of exotic species and an extensive collection of palms. A gazebo of orchids both, native and exotic can be discovered by the pond, where lilies float and tortoises swim.

The nursery at the gardens is an important repository for endangered species of flora found within the BVI, such as the Acacia anegadensis, ensuring their survival from habitat loss. 

Park Information

Established: 1979

Area: 2.87 acres


Plant Conservation

Scientific Research

Seed Banking

Herbarium Collection

Picnic Venue

Event Venue

Wedding Venue


Additional Information

Visitor Fees - Adults $3.00 

                 Children $2.00 


Gift Shop Opening Hours - TBC


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