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The Tobagos -

Little Tobago & Great Tobago National Park

British Virgin Islands


 The Tobago Cays are perched on the northwestern corner of the BVI chain, west of Jost Van Dyke and north of St. John, USVI. Rugged cliffs surround the islands, extending into the ocean where the seabed slopes dramatically to depths of up to 50 metres. Watson’s Rock lies in the channel between the two islands, a warning of the hidden rocky pinnacles that are scattered around the cays.

Experienced divers can explore the waters around Mercurious Rock, east of Great Tobago where the open ocean meets land and shoals of fish congregate. On the south side of the island there is a complex system of shallow reefs, bank pavement and sand channels; however these sites are prone to swells and caution should be used at all times.

Great Tobago is the only nesting site in the BVI for magnificent frigatebirds (Fregata magnificens) which nest in seaside trees. The island is an ideal location for take-off as the wind currents which are funneled through the valley on the east side of the island enable the birds to launch into flight. These seabirds never actually land on water since their plumage cannot get wet as this will prevent take off. This is linked to the fact that they have one of the largest wingspan vs. weight ratios at 3 metres: 3 lbs. 

Park Information

Great Tobago

Established: 1995

Area: 210 acres

Little Tobago

Established: 1998

Area: 55 acres


Bird Sanctuary - No Entry


Diving/Snorkeling - Experienced Divers


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