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The Baths National Park

Tortola, British Virgin Islands


Encompassing the beaches and rocky shoreline at the southwestern tip of Virgin Gorda, The Baths is a collection of massive granite boulders as large as 40 foot in diameter, with white sand beaches and secret rock pools.

The cavernous surroundings are a result of molten rock seeping up into the existing volcanic rock layers. The molten rock did not reach the surface, so it cooled slowly and formed a hard crystalline granite layer. Further shrinkage and cracking formed blocks, which were exposed when the softer volcanic rock above eroded away. Weathering rounded the corners of the boulders to what they are today. These massive boulders are also found at Fallen and Broken Jerusalem.

A series of steps and rope handrails guide explorers along a trail through the boulders from the beach at The Baths to the sandy expanse that is Devil’s Bay.

This popular daytime anchorage is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. The dinghy dock line offshore provides facilities for small vessels, whilst mooring buoys protect the reef from anchor damage. Swim line markers guide vessels through safe channels when approaching the beaches, but caution should always been used and speeds should not exceed 5 mph.

Onshore facilities include bathrooms and lockers, creating a safe and enjoyable experience in this unique environment.

Strong ocean swells can occur in the winter months, preventing use of the mooring buoys and access to the beach from the sea. Swimming is also discouraged during these periods, due to the strong currents.  

Park Information

Established: 1990

Area: 6.91 acres






Panoramic Views


Additional Information

Visitor Fees - Adults - $3.00

                 Children - $2.00


Park Opening Hours - 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Marine Access - Moorings Permit required

Marine Moorings Permits may be purchased from:

  • HM Customs 

  • National Parks Trust Main Office on Tortola

  • National Parks Trust Office Virgin Gorda


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