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Spring Bay National Park

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands


Located on Virgin Gorda, Spring Bay is east of The Baths in an area known as The Crawl. Popular with visitors and residents, Spring Bay can be accessed from land along a palm-lined avenue. Surrounded by an expansive lawn are children’s swings to while away the lazy days of summer that last all year. Picnic tables and a barbecue grill inspire get-togethers with friends or family at this beautiful sandy beach, which is nestled amongst the boulders.   A trail disappears through the rocks to Valley Trunk Bay, offering secluded rock pools and swimming spots along the way.

Within the Crawl is a small bay enclosed by a circle of boulders forming a natural corral, which in earlier times was used to hold turtles and fish, but is now a natural swimming pool. A popular day anchorage, sailors can access Spring Bay from the sea, using the NPT mooring buoys to prevent anchor damage.  

Park Information


Established: 1964

Area: 5.5 acres




Panoramic Views


Additional Information

Visitor Fees - TBC

National Park Guide Tours - Upon Request

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