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Little Fort National Park

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands


Hidden amongst the enormous boulders at Fort Point, between Spanish Town and Big Trunk Bay is Little Fort. The site includes a small fortification and masonry ruins, including a munitions store on the hillside.  Access is very difficult at this undeveloped site, as hikers must cross the rugged terrain and dense vegetation. The only area accessible for entrance into the park is located at the seashore, from here a difficult hiking trail leads to the munitions store.

Three walls surround a small magazine room, sheltered by a ceiling made of mortar and stone. Thick stonewalls have prevented the structure from total collapse, although overgrown vegetation and tree roots have inundated the ruins.

Epiphytes (a plant that grows on another plant but is not parasitic on it), such as bromeliads are common in this area. Pitch apple trees and mature silk cotton trees flourish here.

Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) nesting occurs at Valley Trunk Bay, just below the southern boundary of Fort Point National Park.  

Park Information

Established: 1978

Area: 36 acres


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