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Sage Mountain National Park Trail Map

Upon reaching the park boundary and the main gates you will see two possible entrances into the park. The main gates are identified by a large sign with the name and date of declaration of the park, this entrance leads you to a network of trails. There is a second entrance gate to the left of this on the opposite side of the trail, which leads to another series of trails that go to the highest point of the BVI and USVI.

The central trail is the main trail that leads directly from the park entrance through the middle of the park, just below the central ridge of Tortola. This is on the southern facing side of Tortola which receives less rainfall than the northern side, therefore the vegetation is mostly Caribbean Dry Forest, which has adapted to lower rainfall and can withstand these drier conditions.


The trail to the right of the main entrance is the north trail, which takes you along the northern side of the park. There is more rainfall on this side of the ridge and so the vegetation is moist tropical forest.

There are a number of loop trails that branch off the Central Trail, going north and south. If you have a brochure with the map of all trails for the park you can explore some of these other trails. They all loop back to the Central Trail at some point. Please do not leave the trails and walk through the forest as this could lead to disorientation and you may get lost!

When you are half way along the Central Trail you will see a small trail leading uphill to the left that will take you to the lookout shelter. This shelter is a good rest stop and also provides an opportunity to view the islands along the Sir Francis Drake Channel, from St. John in the USVI to Peter Island. You are looking down onto Pockwood Pond at the western end of Tortola.


From this point you can either return to the Central Trail and turn left, to return to the main entrance gate or you can turn right and keep walking to the fig tree (Ficus citrifolia), which is at the western end of the trail network. It is suggested that you turn around at the fig tree to return to the main entrance gate as the trail ahead is a small loop that will not lead back to the entrance.


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