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Christmas Bird Count - Preliminary Results

Every year the NPTVI contributes towards the US National Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count. The results are still coming in from volunteers on Tortola but the Anegada count documented 44 bird species!

The Tortola count was on Saturday 30th December, 2023

A brown pelican perched on a mangrove tree at Paraquita Bay, Tortola

The mangrove boardwalk at the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College, Tortola

Some of the best birding on Tortola can be found at Josiah's Bay pond

A Caribbean Coot at Josiahs Bay

Birding on Anegada, Friday 5th January 2024

A juvenile herring gull was spotted at Setting Point, Anegada, this species is a rare visitor to the Virgin Islands

Looking for birds at a seasonal pond on Anegada

A Clapper rail blends in well with the red mangrove's prop roots

A favourite hidden pond tucked off the road on Anegada's north shore

The NPTVI team were joined on the bird count by new BVI Beacon reporter Rushton Skinner and his family

A flock of Cattle egrets at the Captain Auguste George Airport

The Anegada Christmas bird count team, Clive Petrovic, NPTVI's Nancy Pascoe and Rondel Smith, Dr. Colin Clubbe



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